Origin of the Green

by Palmanana

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Azazel ♒ 7293 These guys are badass even in their demo. I mean fuck, it even feels frustrating like short holidays or popular interesting dudes that grab everyone's attention. You know? Come back here I didn't finish with ya! Favorite track: Devil's Kick.
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Palmastudios recording. DIY as fuck.


released November 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Palmanana Palermo, Italy

Origin of the Green copies available from the Ozium Records website.

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Track Name: Jessica Rabbit
When you realize that
Half of the trip is gone
You think at all the pleasures back
And try to take one of them

All shining red your dress
Like your soft closed lips
They are asking something to me
I know what...

But I'm just an old man
Cosmic Cactus at my side
She's bringing my mind

Only me and you
In this world of cartoon
I'll be sober from now

Dance for me little bunny
Dance till I realize that
I'll never take back my life
And you will not stay

In the dark of rooom
Lights of tv breaks my doom
And I'll rip you all
When my bottle stops to flow
Track Name: Palmanana
Deep in the chemical forest
There is only a hope (for existence)
Human race is so closed
Every mind thinks the same

Shining green and purple haze
Let inhalate the blue trails
When we try to think more
A black hole take us back,

Palmanana, freedom is gone
Make our prayers done
Or let's burn forever

Palmanana, our time has come
Wash all these shits away
Or let's burn forever

Long journey to the palma
Nana as a brown star
Hidden in the black sky
In a greefull bowl of nevermind

The sing of an howl
We can't understand no more
Only flesh and bones
For the king of the world
Track Name: Newbreed's Manifesto
Live your long life
Never listen to yourself
When You will realize
You will be already dead
Track Name: Gianna Michaels
Another day asleep
With no gods to believe
The only thing I know
I'm a lonely stray dog

Walking through these streets
I feel part of something
Now it's time to celebrate
Goin' in the same place

What the fuck am I seeing
Are you real or I'm too stoned
With these hair tide
Hidden inside that funny hat
What do you eat?
Track Name: Devil's Kick
I wanna sleep more and more
You want to put me in that rusty cage
I grind all those bars with me teeth
I'll go to the pub and I'll make my escape

Spectrum colours at my eyes
Runs fast in the air
All down in the hole
Sweety, make my grave

Devil's kick in my back
Devil's kick in my brain
Don't you know what I feel?!
Devil's kick is so real

The night is young
Tomorrow doesn't exist
Hunger breaks my dream
It's space chicken time

Crazy man laught a lot
Take this pack and this pot
Is the time to say goodbay
Now Is time to eat creampie